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Monica Green
Monica Green
Monica Green, the visionary behind, is a connoisseur of interior design with a passion that transcends boundaries. With a degree in Interior Design from the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York, Monica has honed her skills in various corners of the world.

Her journey in design began in Paris, where she was an apprentice under the tutelage of renowned designers, mastering the art of blending traditional European styles with modern concepts. Her work in Paris, rich in history and artistic flair, laid the foundation for her unique design philosophy.

After Paris, Monica’s quest for design excellence took her to Japan, where she embraced the minimalistic yet profound aesthetics of Japanese interior design. Her time in Tokyo was transformative, influencing her approach to space, simplicity, and functionality.

Returning to the United States, Monica started writing on to share her wealth of knowledge and experience. Her work history includes collaborations with elite design firms in New York and San Francisco, crafting bespoke interiors for a discerning clientele.
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